Student Who is Hard of Hearing Honored for Kindness, Leadership

For 13-year-old Maddox Snow, few things are more exciting than going to a Colorado Mammoth game. Maddox is a huge fan of the local professional lacrosse team and attends as many games as possible.

As much fun as it is to attend games in-person, what happened recently at Maddox's school was likely even better. Mammoth team captain, Dan Coates, made a personal visit to Murphy Creek P-8 to inform Maddox that he had won a special prize. Coates chose Maddox as a winner for his "Coates Corner" contest. The contest recognizes students who promote kindness and who are leaders in their schools.

Maddox is hard of hearing and requires special equipment as a student. His teachers wear a small microphone that transmits a signal to his hearing aid, making it possible for him to hear what goes on in class.

Maddox's deaf and hard of hearing teacher, Jessica Benson, nominated him for the "Coates Corner" award. She said, "In my work with Maddox last school year, I felt that Maddox was indeed a student [who] shows kindness and would reach out to other students to help when he could. He also presented to his classes about his hearing loss and his struggles due to it and encouraged classmates to ask questions."

Coates honored Maddox during a presentation in front of the entire 7th grade class at Murphy Creek. He presented Maddox with an award certificate, an autographed Mammoth t-shirt and two tickets to a Mammoth game. Maddox and his parents also enjoyed participating in an interview with Altitude Sports.

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