Sable Family Liaison Turns New Leaf, Earns U.S. Citizenship

Story Written by APS Communication Intern Yucheng Zhang

Sable Elementary School Family Liaison Liliana Saffron is committed to the United States and loyal to its Constitution--and now she has the papers to prove it! In the midst of working hard each day to engage Sable families, Saffron recently earned her United States citizenship.

“This year, I became an American citizen, and that moment made me realize how thankful I am for the great opportunities that I received from this country,” said Saffron. “My plan is to keep working as hard as I did when I first came to the U.S., because something I keep in mind is my belief that hard work always pays off.”

Saffron joined the Sable team five years ago as a paraeducator. Working diligently, she quickly built amazing relationships with not only fellow staff members, but also students and parents. She provided support for teachers where it was needed and proved herself to be a valuable asset to the Sable community.

Stories like this perfectly embody our district’s belief that diversity is a strength in our community. We are very proud of Saffron’s accomplishments and know she will continue to enrich our country and community.


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