Lyn Knoll’s New Library is Ready for Checkout

By Yucheng Zhang, APS Communication Intern

Students and staff at Lyn Knoll Elementary School joined together to celebrate the grand opening of their first ever library! The celebration started as any Friday would - the entire school filled the gym as students were recognized for their achievements in their community circle. Then, students proceeded outside where they were met with a giant pair of scissors and a bright red ribbon.

After cutting the ribbon to their new library, all students were invited to take a quick tour of their new library. Students looked on with excitement as they walked through the seemingly endless shelves of colorful and eye-catching books. “I think the library is really good because you can check out many kinds of books - you can even get chapter books if you want!” says fourth-grade student Deshawn Moore.

Students received a free book of choice before going back to class. When asked about the library, fourth-grade student Anna Lee Seruffin said: “I like it! I think it’s good because some people don’t have as many books and not every classroom can give everyone books but now we can.”

The creation of the library was led by Lyn Knoll staff member Alison Ostrom. She reached out to members throughout the APS community to ensure the success of the library. “We’ve trained teachers to check out books; we’ve trained parents to reshelve books; it’s really going to be Lyn Knoll run rather than run by a librarian,” says Alison.

We know that this new library will play a critical role in shaping the futures of Lyn Knoll Elementary students as they fill their lives with mystery, adventure, action, and everything in between

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