Two APS Teachers Earn CenturyLink Technology Grant

Kelly Nickell's Technology Class, Aurora Quest K-8
Emily King's Second Grade Class, Laredo Elementary School

In today’s technology-driven world, it is important to prepare students for the future. Thanks to devoted teachers and one notable community partnership, Laredo Elementary School and Aurora Quest K-8 students have an amazing opportunity to further develop their 21st century skills.

Laredo second-grade teacher Emily King and Quest technology teacher Kelly Nickell each recently secured nearly $5,000 from CenturyLink’s Teachers and Technology Grant Program. The program helps teachers bring technology into classrooms to increase student achievement.

Nickell will use the grant money to buy innovative technology for STEM-related activities that will support students in Kindergarten through third grade. Students will learn basic physics and engineering at an early age.

“We believe that our fifth through eighth grade students already have more opportunities to learn physics than students in lower grades, so this will help create engaging experiences for them earlier in their education,” said Nickell.

Meanwhile, King will purchase iPads for her second-grade class so Laredo students can become technologically literate and express their thinking academically and creatively online.

“I envision my students working independently to research their own inquiries, taking notes and compiling information into a creative format,” said King. “Not only will they be able to publish the information for their classmates to view online, but for their parents and family as well.”

Congratulations Emily and Kelly, and thank you CenturyLink for supporting our teachers and students!

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