The Sentinel: “GOLDEN GIRL: Gateway grad busy saving lives, cooking, working and grieving over a lost pet, gets a ticket to CSU-Global”

2019 Gateway High School graduate Goldie Ramey

Story excerpt:

"While most high school seniors were preoccupied earlier this year with prom and final exams, Goldie Ramey was coping with losing everything to a house fire.

Ramey, 18, was a senior at Gateway High School in the Aurora Public Schools district. Hard work at school got her a 4.4 GPA this year. Between classes and homework, Ramey shoe-horned in extracurricular activities including theater and culinary classes, a part-time job at an Aurora Mall store and the death of a beloved dog.

She had enough on her plate this spring, but she was on her way to graduation.

In March, Ramey’s future became less clear-cut. A neighbor in her family’s apartment complex left a cigarette burning, and the building caught on fire.

She wasn’t home at the time it started but when she did arrive, her apartment building was engulfed in fire."