9News: Local school district sees ‘dramatic’ demographics change in gifted & talented program

Story excerpt:

"The number of students of color in the Aurora Public School's (APS) Gifted and Talented (GT) program increased 17 percentage points last school year after a new program launched that changed the way gifted students are identified. 

Instead of waiting on teachers to recommend students for testing like before, APS tested every student at 10 pilot schools in the district at the end of the 2018-2019 school year using a localized test. Students who scored in the top 5% of that test were identified as GT.

After testing in the 10 pilot schools, GT student demographics changed significantly: 

  • White representation reduced 10 percentage points.
  • Hispanic representation increased 8 percentage points.
  • Black representation increased 9 percentage points.
  • Asian representation reduced 5 percentage points.

'I was not expecting this equity shift,' said APS Gifted Education Coordinator Carol Dallas. 'I thought there would be something, but not this dramatic.'

The district also found that the numbers included more girls, more immigrants, more English language learners and more free-and-reduced lunch students."