The Denver Post: First person in your family to go to college? Here’s some advice from first-generation Colorado students and experts

Jordan Bills, College & Career Center Coordinator at Aurora Central High School

Story excerpt:

"Jordan Bills, a college and career center coordinator at Aurora Public Schools, tries to identify first-generation students while they’re in high school to give them the support they will need for postgraduation pursuits such as college, entering the workforce or joining the military.

First-generation students are often terrified about the financial aspect of college, Bills said, and need guidance learning about financial aid options, scholarship opportunities and how student loans work.

'I know for many, the idea of potentially having to take out a loan has a knee-jerk, scared reaction for these students whose parents sometimes have debt and have heard horror stories about what debt can do,' Bills said. 'We hold FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) nights and financial aid explanations for students and parents so everyone can understand and we can destigmatize some of these things.'