The New York Times: Should a Single Test Decide a 4-Year-Old’s Educational Future?

Students work on an interactive project at Aurora Quest K-8, the APS magnet school for gifted and talented students.

Story excerpt:

"To get into a gifted and talented elementary school program in New York City, children must ace a single, high-stakes exam — when they are 4 years old.

This admissions process is now a flash point in an escalating debate over how to desegregate the nation’s largest school district...

...Aurora, Colo., a largely low-income suburb of Denver, saw its gifted programs look much more like the school district itself after officials started assessing more children for gifted classes.

Last year, some of Aurora’s schools participated in a program testing all students above second grade for giftedness. The top scoring students on the first exam from each school then took a second exam to qualify, which led to a boost in black and Hispanic representation in gifted programs of between eight and nine points each. White representation in gifted programs fell, and is now closer to white enrollment in the district overall.

In addition, the district’s gifted programs now include more girls, more students with disabilities and more students learning English."