APS Athletics Brings Sports Home!

In APS, we understand that life happens. Some days you may end up stuck at work, stuck in traffic or stuck at home. Despite your best intentions, you may miss your child or loved oneโ€™s game.

Now, you can watch your favorite APS basketball or volleyball team with the click of a button on your computer or mobile device!

โ€œWe are extremely excited to offer a live-streaming service to our parents, families and community via automated camera systems,โ€ said APS Athletics Director Casey Powell. โ€œNot only will we be able to offer live coverage of every basketball and volleyball game to online viewers, but it will also generate funds that go directly to each respective school.โ€

Automated camera systems are installed in the gyms of every APS high school and two K-8s, Aurora Quest and Mosley. The Aurora Public Schools Stadium located at Hinkley High School is also sporting a new instant replay feature, the first in the state!ย 

In order to access the games, subscribers must purchase a monthly or annual pass from the NFHS Network.ย  The subscription fee goes directly to the schoolsโ€™ athletic departments, making the new live-streaming systems effective fundraising tools that benefit our student athletes.

An annual pass to the NFHS Network costs $69.99. A monthly pass costs $9.99 a month. For more information, please contact your childโ€™s school athletic department. If you would like to find your school and start your subscription, visit nfhsnetwork.com.ย 

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