Denver7: “Inside look: How teachers and staff lean on new resources to improve student test scores in Aurora”

Gateway High School teacher Jill Cullis with one of her students.

Story excerpt:

"Jill Cullis is a U.S. history teacher at Gateway. She's been an educator for 33 years. She has spent 29 of those years at Gateway.

'My history is deep and it’s rich,' she explained. 'The passion of my heart is this school and this community.'

'We’re going to get Gateway back to where it needs to be, where it’s serving the purpose of the community,' said Principal Dr. Ron Fay.

Fay is calling on veteran teachers, like Cullis, to take the lead.

'What I'm excited about are the resources that we've got and the leadership that we have, the new attitude and the new direction,' Cullis said.

Aurora Public Schools is the first district in Colorado to take advantage of something called the Early Action Pathway offered by the state. It allowed Gateway to bring in extra resources and use multi-faceted systems to facilitate the changes needed. The school created a freshman academy to help students better transition from middle school to high school. The school is mining data from the PSAT and SAT exams, restructuring professional development and using more restorative practices."