Halloween with a Twist: Costumes Designed to Excite Students About Potential Careers

Being invisible to mirrors, turning into a bat and enjoying working late at night are certainly some interesting skills, but aren’t very useful for most of the workforce. That’s why you didn't see any students at Jewell Elementary dressed up as Dracula this Halloween.

Rapunzel, Luke Skywalker or Pikachu? Nope, they’re out of work too (unless a student actually does have control of the force - that could be helpful at the office). Instead, Jewell students came dressed as their dream career position and many even had the opportunity to interview for their ideal job.

The idea to combine Jewell’s annual career day with Halloween started in 2017. The school saw it as a unique way to help students plan for their futures. Jewell invited professionals from various careers (actor, architect, police officer, fire fighter, physician's assistant, etc.) to showcase some of the skills needed in their jobs.

Students in grades 3-5 also participated in mock job interviews. Students at Jewell have embraced this annual career (holi)day where they get to learn what it will take to land the job of their dreams.

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