CBS4: Aurora Elementary Students Dress Up For Their Dream Careers On Halloween

Story excerpt:

"Students at Jewell Elementary dressed up for Halloween on Thursday at their school. The students picked costumes that were not only a way to celebrate the holiday but also showcase the careers they plan to pursue through their education.

'My mom and my dad picked it out since my dad is also an electrical engineer,' said Nathalie Rivas, 8, a third grade student at Jewell. 'I’m really interested in electricity and you get to do blueprints and things like that.'

Rivas wore one of her dad’s hard hats, a thick cut of jeans, as well as a long sleeve shirt with buttons and pockets to look like her best take on an electric engineer. She was one of many students who wore their costume and then sat down for a mock interview. Volunteers from a variety of fields offered to ask questions related to their job interests.