Colorado Public Radio: How Teens Across Colorado Are Taking The Pandemic In Stride

Christopher (front) and Christian Speller (back) of Aurora will graduate from Rangeview High School. Though they didn’t get to play in the state basketball finals because of COVID-19, they’re looking forward to playing ball in college.

Story excerpt:

"The Speller brothers, who are fraternal twins, remember the sweet taste of victory one year ago at the state basketball championship. It was the Rangeview Raiders’ first state basketball trophy since 1985. And the brothers were ready to do it again in 2020 — until the coronavirus outbreak.

'Basketball has been everything to me growing up,' says Christian. 'I’ve been playing it for as long as I can remember.'

The team was undefeated this year.

'I've always dreamed of winning multiple state championships in high school,' Christian says. 'We had an opportunity to do it again this year, to go back to back on an undefeated season. It was just going to be perfect to end our high school career.'

The team made it to the Final Four of the State 5A tournament. But then just like that, it was gone."