APS Completes Construction on Two School Buildings

AST 6-12 School BuildingThanks to bond funds, APS is completing construction this summer on the Aurora Science and Tech 6-12 (AST) and Harmony Ridge P-8 school buildings. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both of these buildings will welcome students for in-person learning after the first quarter of the school year. 

Harmony Ridge P-8 is constructed in the Harmony subdivision in eastern Aurora and will serve families along the E-470 corridor. The school will provide unique learning opportunities for students in preschool through eighth grade that focus in the areas of science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM). Right now, staff are hard at work in the building preparing for both remote learning and future in-person learning. 

AST is built in the Fitzsimons Innovation Community next to the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus and will provide STEM learning opportunities for students in northwest Aurora. This year, the building will serve students in grades six and seven and will add a grade each year until the school reaches a 6-12 student body. In addition to bond funds, the school is being funded in part through generous donations. 

We are thankful for the generosity of Aurora voters who approved our $300 million bond program in 2018. Bond funds are improving learning opportunities for every student as we fund school improvement projects throughout the district as well as new buildings like AST 6-12 and Harmony Ridge P-8. We look forward to welcoming students into these buildings.

To learn more about bond-funded projects in APS, visit bond.aurorak12.org.