The Colorado Sun: Aurora will offer its 4,000 teachers two coronavirus tests a month come fall. Will other school districts follow?

Story excerpt:

"Gary Community Investment Company and The Piton Foundation on Tuesday said they will invest up to $1 million in testing every Aurora Public Schools teacher for COVID-19 every two weeks during the school year, the foundation of a sophisticated new tracking system that could dramatically improve the district’s ability to monitor the potential of a coronavirus outbreak.

It’s a cutting-edge plan in the middle of the chaos of figuring out how to best educate kids while keeping everyone safe.

COVIDCheck Colorado is a social-benefit enterprise of the foundations, known collectively as Gary Community Investments, intended to provide schools and workplaces across the state a platform that employees can voluntarily use to record and store their personal experiences with coronavirus symptoms and possible exposures.

Aurora Public Schools is the first partner of the tool that stitches together the critical elements of responding to the pandemic, including affordable access to testing and fast results, a simple approach to tracking symptoms and a focus on contact tracing."