New Hinkley Mural Resonates with Thunderbird Pride!

The Hinkley High School Thunderbirds have a new pair of wings they can be proud of, thanks to a new mural by Denver-based interactive artist Kelsey Montague.

Montague worked with the Hinkley staff and students to design a mural that symbolizes the resiliency of the Hinkley community and demonstrates the school’s motto: A Flight Above the Rest.

“Our community at Hinkley has been hit with some pretty challenging events that have had a lasting impact,” said Assistant Principal Emily Nickerson. “Despite these challenges, our students and staff have shown that they are strong and can overcome anything. This mural symbolizes that strength.”

The Hinkley mural is part of Montague’s #WhatLiftsYou campaign, which started in Manhattan six years ago to provide people with the opportunity to share what inspires them in their lives. Her large-scale murals of iconic wings can be found all over the world. She painted the mural as a gift to the Hinkley community.

We thank Montague for her beautiful work and congratulate our TBirds on their new wings! #TBirdStrong