Thank you, APS School Psychologists!

In this unsettling time of a global pandemic and social unrest impacting our communities and reverberating across the world, school psychologists are needed more than ever to support students and families.

In Aurora Public Schools, mental health is a top priority. Thanks to our dedicated school psychologists, students across the district feel good, safe and supported. Our school psychologists are highly-qualified and trained to address social, emotional and behavioral needs. They also collaborate with stakeholders, manage crises, provide psychoeducation and much more to ensure our students and families’ mental and emotional well being.

That’s why we are excited to celebrate National School Psychology Awareness Week Nov. 9-13. We ask that you join us in honoring these unsung heroes for working so diligently to remove barriers our students and families may face in reaching their goals.

In 2018, Aurora voters approved a $35 million mill levy, which allowed APS to expand and train high-quality mental health staff. Together, we will continue to support and advocate for mental health professionals in schools. Throughout these challenging times, our Mental Health and Counseling team will continue to provide students and families more meaningful connections with mental health experts. To access APS mental health supports, please visit