Bond-Funded Energy Projects Help APS Save Money

Thanks to several bond-funded projects aimed at lowering school energy consumption, APS has realized an overall 7 percent decrease in energy costs over the last four years. This has saved the district more than $600,000 throughout the 2016 bond program. Below are the annual utility costs over the last four years:

2017 - $8.7 million

2018 - $8.4 million

2019 - $8.2 million

2020 - $7.6 million (includes $400,000 from COVID-19 related energy reductions)

There are several types of projects that help schools lower energy consumption, such as updating building heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems and replacing school boilers. Below is a list of schools and their energy improvement projects: 

In addition to these bond-funded construction projects, the district has also purchased energy analytics and fault detection software to ensure that buildings are working at their optimal level. 

Thank you to our generous Aurora community for voting in favor of our 2016 bond program. Bond-funded projects have improved every APS school and are benefiting each student. 

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