Backpack Checklists Help Families Monitor Students’ Progress

In the midst of the global pandemic, it has become increasingly important for families to collaborate with staff and community members to help every student shape a successful future, starting as early as preschool. To encourage more of these conversations, we developed a College and Career Success Backpack Checklist for families.

Students at every grade level can talk with their parents and guardians about what they are learning in school and the short and long-term goals they have set for themselves. Each checklist provides an overview of what students should have completed by the end of each school year depending on their grade level.

We recognize that every student is unique with different learning styles and paces in both the in-person and remote learning environments, so we encourage families to speak with school staff members about their students’ unique interests and strengths. School staff also ensure students who are English language learners, gifted and talented or on individualized educational programs are learning and growing with the appropriate supports in place.

APS parents and guardians, help your students pack their bags for college and career success by downloading an APS Backpack Checklist today at! The documents are available in ten languages.