Colorado Public Radio: “Lessons Learned: Aurora Public Schools Evaluates How The Pandemic Affected Students”

Story excerpt:

"Making sure all students had access to grade-level content, keeping students safe and healthy, and making sure students and staff had access to social and behavioral supports — those were all essential expectations that Aurora Public Schools promised to families at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

The district largely met those basic expectations. But the challenges it faced during the pandemic were overwhelming, and some other goals fell short.

The district Monday night released a 10-page 'Lessons Learned' document, one of the frankest assessments of any major Colorado district’s pandemic performance so far.

The district said it is critical to analyze all the data collected during the abrupt change to remote learning and use it to guide recovery.

In his presentation to the school board, Munn said the district excelled in some areas, like prioritizing students in need of support, continuing to evaluate students’ academic growth throughout the year, partnering with community organizations to meet families’ basic needs, and keeping students and staff safe.

'We were determined this year that this was not going to be a year that we just held on and survived. That was not who we were and that's not who our kids needed us to be,' he said. 'This was going to be a year that we had to deliver for our kids and be held accountable for that delivery.'"