APS ACTION Zone Named 2021 Succeeds Prize Winner

The Aurora Public Schools ACTION Zone just won the 2021 Succeeds Prize for Education Innovation, one of the most prestigious education awards in the state! The award is a collaborative effort between Colorado Succeeds, 9NEWS and the Colorado business community. The ACTION Zone was recognized for its “strong wrap-around support made possible by community partnerships and deep family engagement.”

As the winners of this award, the ACTION Zone will receive a $15,000 cash prize to help strengthen its work with Aurora families. The five schools that make up the ACTION Zone (Crawford Elementary, Paris Elementary, Boston P-8, Aurora West College Preparatory Academy and Aurora Central High School) are located in northwest Aurora and have state-level innovation status. 

“The ACTION Zone is centering families and community partnerships to provide coordinated support for students and transform the conditions of learning in North Aurora,” said Kate Garvin, Director of Family and Community Engagement for the ACTION Zone. “The Succeeds Prize allows us a platform to share what is working and how the community school framework can create systemic structures for cross-sector collaboration that APS and schools across the state can learn from and explore as an equity strategy. I am proud of the whole community schools team and can't wait to share our work and engage new stakeholders.”

An example of the innovative ways the ACTION ZONE empowers parents is through a group called Parents in Action. Parents have the opportunity to give their input on decisions impacting students at their schools that lead to meaningful changes.

One group member, Dora Rodriguez, helped create a new sensory room at Crawford. “It makes me feel really good knowing that not only is it going to help my son [who has special needs], but also other students as well,” Rodriguez said. “Having your work recognized and knowing that you’re making a big impact and it’s being rewarded feels great.”

Congratulations to the APS ACTION Zone!