Aurora Central: Spotlight on Concurrent Enrollment

The number of Aurora Public Schools students earning college credit while still enrolled in high school is at an all-time high. Aurora Central High School is one of our high schools leading the charge with over 300 high school students participating in the APS Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Concurrent enrollment includes an exciting partnership between the Community College of Aurora and APS, which is designed to increase the number of high school students earning college credit for free. 

Aurora Central High School senior Achol Redgebol is taking full-advantage of this opportunity to earn college credits without paying a dime. “The price of college can make it inaccessible, but with the concurrent enrollment program, it provides an opportunity to get your general credits out of the way while saving a lot of money,” said Redgebol. “I am very grateful that APS encourages students to participate in this program.”

Upon graduating high school in May 2022, Redgebol will have 41 college credits already completed. She has been taking concurrent enrollment courses since sophomore year.

This year, Aurora Central is proud to offer 35 different sections of college-level courses to students, ranging from English Composition and College Algebra, to Music Appreciation and Introduction to Sociology, to ceramics, photography and more. Across the district, there are 131 sections of concurrent enrollment courses available to high school students, and more are expected to be added. 

One of the goals of the APS 2026: Faces of the Future strategic plan is that students will have credentials that open doors, which can include college credits, digital badges and a range of college and career certificates.

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Did You Know? October is College and Career Success Month in APS!

It is important that students have the support needed to transition into life after high school. As we celebrate College and Career Success Month, we want to highlight how APS ensures students are prepared for college and career success. Some of the ways include: