Happy Classified School Employees Week!

In APS, we believe student achievement and growth are driven by a highly-effective and respected staff working as a team. One team that helps APS thrive is our classified employees.

This group of more than 1,700 dedicated staff members plays a vital role in both our schools and communities. They are the glue that holds the district together and we are excited to recognize them during Colorado Classified School Employees Week, October 18-23, and throughout each school year.

Without our classified employees, operations would come to a halt. Students would have no school bus transportation, our buildings and facilities would not be cleaned, our families would not have access to free meals, our district devices would not function properly and so much more.

There are many unsung heroes on the APS classified employee team. Did you know that our School to Work Alliance Program Specialist supports students with mild to moderate needs to become competitively employed? Are you aware that our Environmental Compliance and Pest Management Technician ensures our schools and sites have no pest, asbestos, hazardous materials or waste issues? Have you heard of our Young Parent Program Coordinator who connects young parents to child care, academic and mental health supports? These are just a few examples of the important work that is taking place behind the scenes to help every APS student shape a successful future.

In celebration of Colorado Classified School Employees Week, we encourage you to thank an APS classified staff member for a job well done. Please let them know that their work does not go unnoticed. Encourage students to thank their school janitors, coaches, school secretaries and more.

If you wish to recognize an APS classified staff member on social media, please tag Aurora Public Schools and include “#theAteam”. We may reshare it!

Interested in Working for APS?

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