Blueprint APS Region 1 Survey – We Want to Hear From You!

Blueprint APS Region One Community:

In Blueprint APS Region 1, student enrollment has been declining for years. With declining enrollment comes funding challenges that we must address in order to best serve our community into the future. A critical step in planning is to determine how current APS facilities within the region may potentially be repurposed or used in a different way than they are right now. To do this, it is important that we consider feedback from our community. More specifically, we would like to ask what you see as our highest-priority facility usage needs as we look to the future. In other words, how would you like to see APS facilities used in your region in the future?

APS recently received feedback from community focus groups made up of parents, guardians, staff and community members who live and work within APS Region 1. APS would like additional input on Region 1โ€™s needs and desires for future facility usage, which is why we are asking for your input through this survey. It is important to note that this survey is not the determining factor in how facilities will be used. This survey will build upon prior community feedback and engagement. There will also be input from the Long-Range Facilities Advisory Committee that is considered along with staff analysis. Finally, the APS Board of Education may be required to vote on recommendations. Thank you in advance for your participation and for providing your valuable feedback on this important work!

Please complete the survey below by Friday, Nov. 19.

Take the Region 1 Community Survey in English here

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