APS Empowering Students through School Choice

As we celebrate National School Choice Week, Aurora Public Schools is proud to offer a wide variety of learning options that empower families to choose the right schools for their children. These include our traditional boundary schools along with magnet, alternative and charter schools. APS also offers early childhood education, online learning and college credit programs.

We believe all students must have equitable access to learning opportunities that support them in reaching their full potential. When students experience a quality education that aligns with their needs and interests, it fuels their curiosity and allows them to unleash their talents and gifts. 

Fifth-grader Charlotte Radden, Vassar Elementary School

Vassar Elementary School fifth-grader Charlotte Radden experiences that quality education every time she steps foot in her close-knit APS boundary school. Radden has attended since Kindergarten and has made plenty of great friends and memories along the way. 

Senior Eli Garcia, William Smith High School

“I always feel so excited coming to school every day to learn and be with my friends and amazing teachers,said Radden. “They are like a second family to me because we see each other all the time and a lot of my friends are a short bike ride away.” 

William Smith High School senior Eli Garcia is grateful for the opportunity to learn in a magnet school that focuses on expeditionary learning. Unlike a boundary school, William Smith draws students from many different boundaries and neighborhoods in Aurora. 

“I really appreciate the real-world experiences at William Smith and being able to pursue my interest in engineering,” said Garcia. “My family and I are grateful to have this type of school as an option because we know the value it will bring to my future.”


A boundary school is a neighborhood school with a designated attendance area.  


Magnet schools have a special academic focus or program and serve students from many different boundaries.


Alternative schools provide students with a non-traditional learning environment that meet their emotional and behavioral needs.


Charter schools are independent, tuition-free public schools with unique learning options. They operate under a contract or "charter" between the charter school board and the APS Board of Education.


Early childhood education programs allow for developmental growth in children prior to their entry into elementary school.


Online learning programs give students and families the flexibility to learn in a virtual setting.


Students can earn college credit by taking college-level courses while enrolled in high school.