Updated Health and Safety Protocols Begin after Spring Break

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APS Community,

As we prepare to relax, recharge and enjoy Spring Break next week, we wanted to share information about updated health and safety protocols that will be in place when we return on Monday, March 21.

To begin, we would like to share some recent successes. Over the past several weeks, we have seen significant and continued declines in positivity rates. In addition, we have not seen a single outbreak in any of our schools since lifting our mask mandate. An outbreak is defined as five or more positive and/or probable cases tied to an original case. Lastly, health officials have shared that they estimate about 90% of Coloradans have developed immunity whether through infection or vaccination.

In consultation with our local public health partner, the Tri-County Health Department, we will implement the following updated guidance starting on Monday, March 21:

Masks No Longer Required on School Buses and Bus Stops
We will no longer require students and staff to wear masks on school buses and at school bus stops. This is in alignment with guidance that the Centers for Disease Control issued on February 25. Masks are no longer required on buses or vans operated by public or private school systems including education/child care programs.

Please note that any unvaccinated staff will continue to be required to follow the health requirements outlined in their accommodation plans for the rest of this school year.

5-Day Isolation Still Required for Individuals who Test Positive
All students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 will continue to be required to isolate at home and stay away from others for five days. Those individuals will be required to wear their masks at school for the following five days upon returning to school.

Quarantines Still Only Required When Outbreaks are Identified
Quarantines will continue to only be required if an outbreak is identified in a school. Once again, an outbreak is defined as five or more positive and/or probable cases tied to an original case.

Please be assured that we will continue to notify you via automated phone call, email and text message if your student needs to quarantine. This includes if there is a positive case in your household and your student has not been vaccinated or had COVID-19 within the past 90 days. You can read this article at numan to know more about health and how to stay healthy during these times. 

Due to the significant decrease in community transmission that we are seeing, we will no longer send out school-wide notifications on a weekly basis. However, we will continue to keep our COVID-19 tracker updated daily.  

Continue to Get Tested Regularly
Free testing will continue to be available through COVIDCheck Colorado. If you develop symptoms or learn of an exposure, please click here to sign up for testing.

Continue to Stay Home if You Develop Symptoms
In addition, please continue to keep your child at home if they develop symptoms. We are asking all students and staff to continue daily self assessments. If your student develops any of the symptoms below, keep them home and get your student tested for COVID-19. APS staff should follow this same practice. Please notify your child’s school that your student is experiencing symptoms and do not send them to school. Staff should notify their supervisors and stay home.

Major symptoms include:

  • New or unexplained persistent cough 
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
  • Loss of taste and smell

Minor symptoms include:

  • Feeling Feverish, having chills or a temperature of 100.0 or greater
  • Sore Throat
  • Runny nose or congestion
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

We are encouraged by these recent improvements and the subsequent loosening of restrictions. We ask for your continued flexibility and understanding. Please know that we will continue to adjust our health and safety protocols if circumstances change. 

We hope that your Spring Break is filled with laughter and joy. We look forward to welcoming back our students from a fun and memorable break on Monday, March 21.

- Superintendent Rico Munn