Six APS Students Named 2022 Daniels Scholars!

Achol Redgebol,
Aurora Central High School

"A large part of my success as a Daniels Scholar is my community. Aurora is a diverse and an enriching environment that has taught the importance of good leadership and communication. I have been confronted with many situations that are difficult to navigate throughout my high school career, but I have remained motivated because I feel that I am part of something larger than myself."

Dayanira Gallegos,
Gateway High School

“This opportunity means a lot to me. It gives me hope that I am creating change for myself, my family and community. My determination has brought me to this moment because I was able to see that same determination in my mom growing up. She really set a great example for me and my sister. I am also thankful to the people here at Gateway for always pushing me to be better and to give back to my community.”

Nabil Djaber,
Rangeview High School

“Growing up, I always looked for opportunities to get involved in the community, which is why I really wanted to apply to the Daniels Fund Scholarship. I think community service is really important. This scholarship allows me to enter college without worrying about debt and I’ll be able to focus more closely on what I want to do and how I can positively impact this world.”

Ojuolape Folarin, Rangeview High School

“I am driven by a strong desire to become more knowledgeable and pursue education in all aspects of my life. I believe education is power, so I always look for opportunities to expand my knowledge and also get involved in my school and community. Specifically, student council, national honor society and interact club. I am thankful to the Daniels Fund for granting me this opportunity to pursue higher education without having to worry about how to pay for it. It lifts a big burden off of me and my family and I will be forever grateful for that.”

Vivian Tran, Rangeview High School

“I’ve wanted to apply for the Daniels Fund Scholarship since I was in middle school. My older brother became a Daniels Scholar when I was in 7th grade and that was when I started thinking about my future a lot more. When I got to high school, I began getting involved in community service and volunteering in the community. It has been really great to give back in that way. I will be forever grateful to my counselors, teachers and friends here at Rangeview for pushing me to work hard and inspiring me to do my very best.”

Oludurotimi Ola, Vista PEAK Preparatory

“School, and education in general, has always been a priority for me and my family. I look for opportunities that will challenge me and I saw the Daniels Fund Scholarship as a means to do just that. This scholarship also makes college a lot more feasible and I’ll be able to attend my top choice of university without worrying about college debt. I aspire to live up to the values of Bill Daniels and I will be forever grateful for this great honor.”

The Daniels Fund provides students the opportunity to obtain a four-year college education at any accredited non-profit college or university in the United States with full financial and personal support throughout the process. The prestigious scholarship covers all required tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies and other miscellaneous college expenses. This recognition highlights each student’s outstanding leadership skills, exceptional character and service to the community.

Students persevered through an extremely competitive and rigorous selection process that involved thousands of applicants from Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.