APS Kiddos Have a Blast “Teching Out”!

Aurora Public Schools’ Lansing Leopards and Dalton Dalmatians got their paws on some exciting technologies during the district’s recent “Teching Out” event! Groups from the schools’ fifth-grade classes enjoyed hands-on exploration of a variety of tech tools designed to expand their young minds.

The APS Technology team led various sessions where students built and coded artificial intelligence (AI) robots, learned essential cybersecurity skills, coded video games and more. This was a memorable experience for the Lansing and Dalton students as they do not have in-school technology teachers.

“This was the best day of the whole school year!” one of the students expressed.

To make their day even better, students scored swag bags filled with tech items to continue their learning at home.

"This camp was a great success and allowed students to explore areas of science and technology that they otherwise may not have been exposed to,” said APS Technology Asset Administrator Jennifer Prusak. “It was a pleasure to be a part of."

Prusak’s team typically hosts in-person tech camps each year in some capacity. This was the first in-person group setting since the COVID-19 pandemic. The camp was funded by a grant.

As detailed in our APS 2026: Faces of the Future strategic plan, we strive to ensure that every APS student has a set of skills to implement their plan. We know that technology is the future and commend the APS Technology team for hosting such lively sessions to empower our youth.

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