Thank You, APS Teachers, Principals, Nurses, Nutrition Employees and Mental Health Professionals

May is a month of celebration! In addition to graduations and a few early-spring holidays, we are excited to celebrate some of Aurora Public Schools’ many unsung heroes.

Join us as we observe National School Principals’ Day (May 1), National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6), National School Nutrition Employee Week (May 2-6), National Nurses Week (May 6-12) and Mental Health Awareness Month.

In APS, we believe that student achievement and growth are driven by a highly-effective and respected staff working as a team. Our team, whom we have dubbed “The A Team,” is comprised of some of the most skilled, compassionate and devoted professionals in the nation.

We offer a heartfelt thank you to our current 53 principals, 2,177 teachers, 209 nutrition employees, 42 nurses and 226 mental health professionals for leading, educating, nurturing and positively influencing our students every day, in every way.

Can you imagine a school day absent of these individuals? Students would walk into chaos if there were no appointed school leaders. They would sit in classrooms learning nothing if teachers weren’t around. On a scarier note, if students injured themselves, no school nurses would be around to tend to their needs. Families who rely on district-provided food might go hungry if nutrition employees weren’t present. Students might silently suffer from mental health challenges that could lead to them harming themselves or others if our mental health professionals were not there to help.

These unsettling thoughts make us extra grateful for our team. We encourage you to take a moment to thank these individuals for helping our students shape successful futures. You may even consider singing their praises via your social media pages using the popular hashtags #theAteam, #ThankATeacherCO, #NursesRock and #MentalHealthMatters. No matter the method, we are confident that your gesture will be most appreciated.

Thank you APS principals, teachers, nutrition employees, nurses and mental health professionals for your selfless contributions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Times have been tough, but The A Team is tougher!