Rocky Mountain PBS: How an Aurora Public School program supports young parents

Story excerpt:

"When Zayra Castaneda gave birth to her daughter at 17 years old, her parents initially worried that she wouldnโ€™t be able to graduate high school. Looking back, if it wasn't for Aurora's Public Schoolโ€™s (APS) Young Parent Support Program, Castaneda doesn't think she would have graduated.ย 

Fortunately for her, a young parent support advocate for APS named Melissa Feeler helped the new mom with baby clothes, diapers and enrolling in a high school with a daycare. Feeler also helped Castaneda register at the Community College of Aurora so that she could become a phlebotomist, a health care professional who collect blood samples.

'My whole education is thanks to her,' Castaneda told Rocky Mountain PBS. 'It is hard, but it's possible. Even as a young parent, you can do whatever anyone else can.'"

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