CBS4: Aurora teachers to receive highest educator pay raise in Denver metro area, union says

Story excerpt:

Teachers in Aurora Public Schools are getting a 5.5% pay increase across the board, and depending on experience and education level, other teachers will get more. On average, Aurora teachers will get an 8.5% pay raise this year -- what the union says is the highest teacher raise in the metro area so far.Β 

'This was a pretty big step forward in being able to keep up with inflation so our educators can continue to make it here in the metro area and feed their own families and take care of their selves so they can be their best selves for their classrooms,' said Aurora Education Association President Linnea Reed-Ellis.Β 

The raises will last for a year, and then the union will go back to the bargaining table in the spring.Β 

'We are excited to have negotiated the highest salary increase in the metro area for educators, also recognizing that it is just keeping up with the rate of inflation, so knowing that educators in Colorado will need more,' Reed-Ellis said."

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