Rocky Mountain PBS: Educator Emporium provides free classroom supplies for Aurora teachers

Story excerpt:

"In a room filled with school supplies, Elba Barahona searched for items she thought her incoming students might like. She looked for markers, colored paper, folders – fun and colorful items the kids could enjoy. 

Barahona was preparing for her first year as a preschool teacher at Laredo Child Development Center. Before becoming a teacher, she was a paraprofessional for six years and said that she has known she wanted to be a teacher since she was 3 years old. 

In addition to having many school supplies to choose from, the room has one more perk: all the supplies are free.

The room is called the Educator Emporium, a place where Aurora Public School (APS) teachers can come and get supplies that they need for their classrooms and students several times a month throughout the school year."

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