Aurora Public Schools offers a variety of innovative programs to keep students engaged in education and to re-engage those students who have dropped out so they can earn their high school diplomas and be prepared for colleges and careers.

APS Avenues


Our staff at APS Avenues has a vision of students who believe in their academic and personal potential and of teachers who are dedicated to helping students reach this potential. Students at APS Avenues envision themselves as productive, responsible, and responsive citizens. This vision is cultivated throughout the school, and students are dedicated to earning their future.


Students are young adults and are therefore accountable for their choices, creating quality work, and upholding a respectful environment.  In return, students may hold staff accountable for providing students with a quality education consisting of a safe space where students will have meaningful support and engaging, relevant instruction with high expectations that will prepare them for life. It is this mutual accountability that drives the culture of respect for all members of APS Avenues.


  • Everyone is held accountable for the operational principles.
  • Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect
  • Everyone makes a choice to be at APS Avenues everyday.
  • Come with a positive attitude and growth mindset
  • Everyone will own and be responsible for your actions everyday.
  • Everyone will be expected to produce quality work.
  • Everyone in our community will always find support when needed.

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Futures Academy

Futures Academy serves students ages 17 to 21, who have too few credits to receive a traditional high school diploma but are still interested in furthering their education and pursuing a post-secondary degree.

Through a partnership with Colorado Youth for a Change and Aurora Public Schools, students are provided the resources, guidance, and targeted academic instruction that will allow them to leave Futures Academy with an associate degree, a Pickens Technical Certificate, a GED, or a combination of the three.