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Welcome to the January 2018 edition of the
APS Board of Education Newsletter!

New APS Board and Board President Take Their Seats
To our students, parents, teachers, staff, and community, I want to say thank you on behalf of the Board of Education for allowing us to serve you and meet the needs of our students.

We are excited to get the year started with our top goal of hearing from you: the students, parents, teachers, staff, and of course, the community. We want to make sure that as a Board voted in by the community, that we serve the community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of the other Board members with your comments, concerns or compliments.

- Marques Ivey, J.D., APS Board President

Key Board News

Congratulations to our new Board of Education members Kyla Armstrong-Romero, Ph.D., Marques Ivey, J.D., Kevin Cox, and Debra Gerkin (pictured below from left to right). These Aurora citizens recently took an oath of office to join veteran Board members Monica Colbert, Dan Jorgensen , Ph.D. and Cathy Wildman.



The Board also elected the following new officers:

  • Marques Ivey, J.D., President
  • Kyla Armstrong-Romero, Ph.D., Vice President
  • Kevin Cox, Treasurer
  • Debra Gerkin, Secretary

The seven-member Board establishes district policies, adopts the districtís annual budget, approves curriculum and addresses the interests of our community while operating within state and federal laws. Each will serve a four-year term and receive no monetary compensation.

We thank our outgoing Board members Amber Drevon, Eric Nelson, JulieMarie Shepherd Macklin, Ph.D. and Barbara Yamrick for their hard work and dedication to our students, staff and community.

Out and About - Board Members in Our Schools and Community

Kyla Armstrong-Romero

African Leadership Group Holds First Flu Shot Clinic
In December, I joined fellow Board Directors Marques Ivey, Debbie Gerkin and Kevin Cox for the African Leadership Groupís First Annual Flu Shot Clinic. This clinic is part of their Health and Wellness Program. It was a huge success!

Year-End Celebration for African Leadership Group
The African Leadership Group held its First Annual End of Year Celebration. Joining me in attendance were: APS Board Director Kevin Cox, Senator Rhonda Fields, Senator Angela Williams, Colorado GOP Vice Chair Sherrie Gibson, Arapahoe District Attorney and Candidate for Colorado Attorney General George Brauchler, Candidate for Colorado State Treasurer Polly Lawrence, Candidate for Colorado Attorney General Brad Levin, other leaders in the community, and graduates from the ALG public speaking class.

Pictured from left to right: Walter Bradford, Senator Rhonda Fields, Papa DŪa, Kyla Armstrong-Romero, Kalil Armstrong-Romero and Daryl Armstrong-Romero.

Debbie Gerkin

Public Education Business Coalition Forum
On December 7, I joined fellow Board Directors Kyla Armstrong-Romero, Marques Ivey and Cathy Wildman at the Sewell Ballroom in Denver for the Public Education Business Coalition Forum. The main topic of discussion was teacher shortages in Colorado. APS Superintendent Rico Munn was a speaker on the panel. Addressing the need for recruiting, supporting and retaining highly-qualified teachers is a priority for the APS Board of Education.

Dan Jorgensen

Wheeling Explorerís International Baccalaureate Night
Thanks to Principal Ramone Carson and Wheeling Elementary School staff for the invitation to attend their IB night. The event provided great learning experiences for parents and was followed by a wonderful selection of ethnic food. Fourth-grade teacher Vincent Lucero shared with me one of his studentís projects. They chose to raise money for UNICEF. The event was a clear reminder of the importance of public schools for supporting both academic achievement and citizenship.

Vincent Lucero of Wheeling Elementary
Pictured from left to right, Amanda Iffrig, Mark McConnell, Ramone Carson, Dan Jorgensen and Catrina Hernandez; Pictured on right, Vincent Lucero

Family Learning Night at Park Lane Elementary School
I had the privilege of attending a family learning night event at Park Lane Elementary School. I was able to listen to teachers dialogue with parents about the educational opportunity gap and how they can work together to help all kids succeed. Teachers also provided parents with valuable learning tools to help their students achieve math and literacy success. Thanks to Principal Mary Duran and RISE staff members for taking the time to explain this important work to me.

Pictured from left to right, Dan Jorgensen, Principal Mary Duran, Emily Hoel, Caitlin Mendenhall, Mathew Megesha and Anne Cherniss

Cathy Wildman

Mock Congressional Hearing at North M.S.
On Tuesday, December 19, I attended the Mock Congressional Hearing held at North Middle School. Two hundred and sixty eighth-grade students prepared information about the Fourth Amendment after a month-long study integrating literacy and social studies. Each student was assigned a portion of a question regarding our Fourth Amendment. The students then combined their research into an opening statement representing all their information. The students articulated the importance of protection from unlawful search and seizure of our property provided by our Constitution. Their information was presented to more than 49 volunteer judges from the community who quizzed the students about this amendment. These volunteers were comprised of individuals from the school district, law enforcement, local businesses and the judicial branch.

Strong Partnerships Needed in Aurora Community
On December 5, members of the Aurora community and I met at the Chamber of Commerce to listen to a discussion and report led by Amie Baca Oehlert, Colorado Education Association Vice President, and Jill Cullis, Gateway High School teacher. Data was presented that indicates a need for stronger partnerships between business leaders, government, economic developers and other stakeholders working with the K-12 education system to plan for a strong economic future. The report was a response to a request by the CEA, Jill Cullis and the Hope Street Group.

Amie Baca Oehlert (left) and Jill Cullis present to the Aurora Chamber of Commerce.

Pickens Tech Executive Internship Sponsor Appreciation Dinner

Board Directors Kevin Cox, Kyla Armstrong-Romero and I attended the Executive Internship Sponsor Appreciation Dinner and Ceremony held at the APS Professional Learning and Conference Center on December 13. It was a great opportunity to recognize companies and organizations that support students from Pickens Technical College. The highlight of the evening was listening to each student who participated in the program share what they had learned and the benefits of assessing career choices through an internship program. Former student Marquize Fells returned to speak about the impact the program had on his career choice. There were 52 students from six APS high schools who earned volunteer service awards for more than 5,200 hours of volunteer service and 5 students who earned scholarships of $500 - $750 each. This program has existed in APS for over 25 years with almost 200 companies and individuals volunteering their service.



January 16, 2018 Edition

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