Speech-Language Pathology is “All For The Students”

It’s a standard elementary school setting. Posters line the walls. Some show tips on context clues, others simply offer words of welcome and encouragement. There’s a bookcase nearly overflowing that sits just inside the door. No doubt it’s packed with … Read More

Vote on Hinkley High School’s New Mascot!

Help Hinkley High School select a new mascot by participating in the short, one-question survey below! This call to action was prompted by Governor Jared Polis' signing of Senate Bill 21-116 (SB 21-116), which prohibits the use of American Indian … Read More

Tips to Stay Healthy Throughout the Holiday Season

Respiratory viruses including Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Influenza (flu), and COVID-19 are spreading across Colorado and the nation. All of these viruses cause similar symptoms including cough, congestion and fever. Most people will have mild symptoms but others, especially young … Read More
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