APS Digital Badges Program Featured on Chalkbeat Colorado

The education news portal Chalkbeat Colorado recently featured the new Digital Badge program in Aurora Public Schools:  TURN IN YOUR BADGE Digital “merit badges” coming to Aurora Public Schools By Susan Gonzalez@paperpolarbearsgonzalez@chalkbeat.orgPUBLISHED: June 22, 2015 - 8:30 pm MDT Digital merit … Read More

APS Career and Technical Education Students Showcase Top Work

Aurora Public Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) students recently showed off their top work to business and industry leaders. Students from Aurora Central, Gateway, Hinkley, Rangeview and Vista PEAK Preparatory high schools participated in the showcase. Student work included: Aerospace, Digital and … Read More

Aurora Rotary Club Donates Tablets to Quest Third Graders

APS 2020: Shaping the Future Strategic Plan - Core Belief:-Community partnerships provide vital resources and opportunities for students and families.-All students must have equitable access to learning opportunities,technology and environments that support them in reaching their full potential.      … Read More

Follow Us on Instagram!

Hope the @ symbol on your mobile keyboards are fine-tuned and ready to go! Aurora Public Schools has caught the Instagram craze and is excited to announce the newest addition to its social media presence. Along with Facebook and Twitter, … Read More

iPads Light Up FULTON Students’ Faces and Futures

FULTON fourth-grade student Ruby Rodriguez proudly poses with her new iPad. Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life,” and that has proven to be undeniably true, especially related to technology in the classroom. From chalkboards to … Read More
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