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APS teachers have developed many creative ways to increase student learning.

Teacher Anne Brown at Virginia Court Elementary School uses her Million-Page Readers program to encourage her students to read. Xcel Energy awarded Brown a grant to help meet the class goal of reading a million pages. “I have invited adults to read to my class and share their joy of reading,” said Brown. “This helps our children learn that reading is important to everyone.” Pages read by students and pages read to students by adults count toward the goal.

Politicians, business leaders, reporters, administrators, teachers and parents all contribute by reading to students.

Channel 7 meteorologist Marty Coniglio reads to students at Virginia Court.

Crawford Elementary School is one of six Colorado schools that received a $1,000 grant from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

The grant was given to promote physical activity among young people. During a 30-minute walk, each student and staff member attempted to reach one mile or approximately 2,000 steps. The students and staff at Crawford logged nearly 700 miles collectively as recorded by pedometers provided by Anthem.

Craig Marshall, a 23-year veteran APS teacher, emphasized the health benefit to students who walk regularly.“Learning to use their pedometers heightened the children’s awareness of physical motion and fitness. The children learned math and science in the measurement of distance and heart rates,” Marshall said.

Crawford teacher Craig Marshall explains the use of pedometers to students.