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APS Continues Proactive Response to Movie Theater Tragedy
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The Aurora community has been changed by the tragic shooting that happened inside a local movie theater. Our hearts go out to those impacted and to our entire community. 

News of a tragedy of this nature can be upsetting. Aurora Public Schools continues to reach out to victims, their families and friends, and the entire Aurora community.

This Disaster Recovery and Resources website provides access to information that may be helpful for you during this tragedy.

If you are an APS staff member, please contact your principal or immediate supervisor or department head. We have access to resources for mental health, victim advocates, counselors and Red Cross that can be sent to you as an individual or to your organization.

Aurora Strong Resilience Center's Day of Remembrance on 7/20

Aurora Strong Resilience Center Day of RemembranceDownload the flier
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A Message from the Aurora Theater Shooting SERG Outreach Team

The Community Support Team has been getting out into the city meeting with all kinds of wonderful groups and organizations, as well as knocking on some doors in the neighborhoods.  Now we invite the community to join us at the Aurora Strong Resilience Center for free events that will not only educate citizens about the individual effects of stress, traumatic experiences, and resilience, but also about how traumatic events can effect communities.  The education piece will be quite informal, and we will focus on discussions and creating connections between community members.  While the content will not be focused only on the Aurora Theater tragedy, we hope to reach people who may be experiencing anniversary reactions, or are anxious about the coming trial.  

 U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Addresses Movie Theater Tragedy

Please visit the U.S. Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools website at rems.ed.gov.

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