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APS Online High School

Enrollment: Approximately 200
APS Online High School offers 9th-12th grade students the same rigorous curriculum as other high schools, except that it is delivered online. APS Online is ideal for students who are pursuing a high school diploma or a GED in an online alternative to the traditional high school environment.


Lotus School for Excellence

Enrollment: Approximately 800
Lotus School is a tuition-free, K-12 college preparatory public charter school with an emphasis on Math, Science and Technology. Lotus offers small class sizes, technology-integrated classrooms, free tutoring and after-school programs. Lotus High School offers daily ACT Prep classes, AP and Concurrent enrollment classes as well as College Mentoring and Leadership Program which is aligned with Congressional Awards Program which aims to get our students into top US colleges.


Did You Know - DiversityAurora Central High School

Enrollment: Approximately 2000
Aurora Central offers unique educational opportunities through the Health Sciences Academy, Advanced Placement courses and a dual credit program. Aurora Central is an official satellite campus of the Community College of Aurora. Students can earn up to 50 hours of college credit in their high school classrooms.


Aurora West College 
Preparatory Academy

Enrollment: Approximately 350
AWCPA provides unique learning opportunities in a close-knit, small school setting and offers a seamless transition from middle school into high school. AWCPA's close relationship with the Community College of Aurora allows students to take college courses, with the goal that every student will earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree.


Vanguard Classical School - East Campus

Enrollment: Approximately 200 
Vanguard is a public, tuition-free charter school that offers students a rigorous education in an inclusive environment. Vanguard serves an array of students,
including English Language Learners, gifted and talented students and students with disabilities. Vanguard provides a classical education, preparing students to be highly-educated and virtuous citizens.


Gateway High School

Enrollment: Approximately 1500
Gateway offers the STEM Pathway and International Baccalaureate Programmes. Gateway provides a productive learning environment and was the first APS high school to become a member of the Positive Behavior Intervention Support initiative, a program that rewards good behavior.


Rangeview High School

Enrollment: Approximately 2200
Rangeview is known for its excellent Advanced Placement and Honors programs, STEM engineering pathway, diverse student body, cutting-edge performing arts and winning athletic teams. Rangeview offers a welcoming and equitable environment, and students and staff are actively involved in its No Place for Hate campaign.


High Schools in APSVista PEAK Preparatory

Enrollment: Approximately 1000
Vista PEAK provides a seamless transition from preschool through graduation on a single campus with new buildings and state-of-the-art classroom technology. Vista PEAK students take ownership of their own education by pursuing one of four academic and career pathways. 


Empower Community High School

Enrollment: Approximately 133
Empower Community High School is a small school where every student is known and supported to explore their passions and talents while impacting the community. We believe in learning that is led by students and guided by educators. We have two priorities: high-quality instruction that prepares students to excel in college and offering students opportunities to lead in the real-world through projects and partnerships with local industries.

Word Languages: French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin
Extracurricular: Music, Leadership, Media, Outdoor Experiences, Fitness Club
Unique Offerings: Honors, AP Classes, Expeditionary Learning, Concurrent Enrollment

Hinkley High School

Enrollment: Approximately 1900
Hinkley offers multiple college readiness opportunities, including the Arts and Communication and Health Sciences pathways, fully accredited International Baccalaureate Programmes and concurrent enrollment college courses taught by adjunct professors or professors from the Community College of Aurora.


 William Smith High School

Enrollment: Approximately 300
William Smith is a high-performing Expeditionary Learning High School open to all APS students. We utilize rigorous, engaging content that develops students' capacity to think critically, collaborate with others and create original work. Adventure, fieldwork and service support compelling curriculum that prepares all students for college and future careers.