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  • Options Program
  • Pilot Schools
  • Aurora Public Schools recognizes there are students who need non-traditional learning environments in order to succeed.

    Education alternatives are a choice. The goal is to educate all students and prepare them for life. Students are successful when they complete an alternative program, return to traditional schools, or enter employment and function in society.

    Alternative Schools & Programs Quick Links:

    Alternative Schools in APS
    APS Avenues Program
    Multiple avenues of learning and credit completion for student achievement and success
    11351 E. Montview Blvd. 80010 Ran Jung 303-326-1100 Fax:303-326-1101
    Aurora Quest K-8
    Magnet School for gifted and high achieving students
    17315 E. 2nd Ave. 80011 Kelsey Haddock 303-343-3664 Fax:303-326-1237
    Crossroads Center
    Transition center for special education students
    16905 E. 2nd Ave. 80011 Debi Huerta Transition Center:
    Intercept Day Treatment:
    Futures Academy
    A program for students seeking a GED with an interest in post-secondary opportunities 
    14707 E. 2nd Ave., Suite 360, 80011 Joy Smith 720-949-0253  
    G.E.D. Testing Pickens Technical College
    500 Airport Blvd. Bldg. E 80011
    Diane Johnson 303-326-2122 Fax:303-326-1277
    Baccalaureate Programme
    Hinkley High School
    1250 Chambers Rd. 80011
    Teresa Steele 303-340-1500 ext. 27466
    I.B. Middle Years
    Programme- Hinkley
    Hinkley High School
    1250 Chambers Rd. 80011
    Brian Hayenga 303-340-1500 ext. 27483
    I.B. Middle Years
    Programme - Aurora Hills
    Aurora Hills M.S.
    1009 S. Uvalda St. 80012
    Mary Perron 303-341-7450
    Options Homeschool Support Program
    Resource centers with one-day-a week classes for homeschool families
    Various Locations
    Administrative Bldg:
    11351 East Montview Blvd. 80010
    Larry Thigpen 303-340-0666 Fax:303-326-1281