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APS and CCA Partner for the PACE Setter Concurrent Enrollment Program

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment is an exciting partnership between the Community College of Aurora and the Aurora Public Schools. It is designed to increase the number of high school students earning college credit. The program is for all high school students who have the ability to test into a guaranteed transfer course.

CCA College Credit flierStudents may also qualify to take college courses during a fifth year of high school in the ASCENT Program. Learn more.




To qualify for the program a student must:

  • be under 21 years of age and enrolled in any Aurora Public School and in grades 9-12
  • have Accuplacer, CCPT, ACT or SAT scores appropriate for the approved class or classes
  • have parent or guardian and high school counselor signatures and approval.

APS will cover tuition and instructional fees under Concurrent Enrollment.  Students will be responsible for the cost of books for each course. 

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Procedures for acceptance
  1. Go to the counseling office of your high school, pick up the Agreement and Registration Form and make an appointment with your counselor.
  2. See your high school counselor about taking the CCPT (Community College Placement Test) or have a high school transcript to show ACT/SAT scores.
  3. Bring your test results and a completed packet to the counseling office. Remember the Community College of Aurora registration packet must be completed and signed by your parent/guardian before you will be allowed in the Concurrent Enrollment Program.
  4. The College Opportunity Fund, or COF, must be applied for and completed before you can apply for college.  You can do this by going online to https://cof.college-assist.org/. Click the College Opportunity Fund tab at the top on the far right. 
    • You MUST register for COF and print the confirmation sheet to show you have activated your fund.
  5. You and your counselor will go over your transcript and see what courses you need to graduate and what classes offered at the Community College of Aurora correspond so you can receive credit at both your high school and the college. You may choose from the classes that are listed as Guaranteed Transfer (GT).
  6. Select classes, noting the times on the schedule. Remember to plan for the following semester so there are no conflicts between your high school and college schedules.
  7. Classes needed for graduation should be scheduled in the fall semester if possible. Not doing so may put you in a situation of waiting on your college grade to graduate.
  8. Online or seminar classes and classes are not covered by the Concurrent Enrollment Program and will not be paid for or approved by Aurora Public Schools.
  9. Each semester students will need to re-register with their counselor for new classes.
  10. An Aurora Public Schools promissory note must be filled out and signed by both the student and a parent or guardian.

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All new Concurrent Enrollment students will be required to attend an orientation session where they will meet other Concurrent Enrollment students, learn about resources available on CCA’s campuses, and get a tour of the campuses.  Each student will receive a letter with times and dates.
Remember this is mandatory.

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Tuition and Fees
  • The Concurrent Enrollment Program will pay tuition and fees for college level courses; the number of courses will depend on the program in which you enroll: Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT.
  • Concurrent Enrollment covers only the cost of approved college level courses.  If a student chooses to take a developmental course, they can only take it during their senior year.
  • Students will be responsible for transportation to and from their college classes.
  • If a student voluntarily drops a course after the drop deadline or if the student fails or withdraws from the course, the student or the student’s parent or guardian shall reimburse the district for the amount of tuition and fees paid by the district.

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  • Students are responsible for the cost of books.
  • Textbooks are available at the CCA bookstore in the month before classes start. Students are encouraged to purchase books directly after they register for classes with Enrollment Services.

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Enrollment and Registration Procedures

The following forms MUST be completed and returned to your counselor as soon as possible

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Contact Us for More Information

Amber Gish
Concurrent Enrollment Specialist
Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness
APS Division of Equity in Learning
303-326-2000 x28323

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