Current Status

Return to In-Person Learning Beginning Oct. 12
As we plan for the upcoming school year, we have been in continual contact with the Tri-County Health Department and have received updated guidance from the Metro Denver Partnership for Health (MDPH), which includes TCHD. 

After reviewing the latest data that makes up our Decision Matrix, Aurora Public Schools will be returning to in-person learning through a hybrid model starting second quarter. For elementary and middle school students, the start date is Monday, October 12. For high school students, the start date is Tuesday, October 20. A hybrid model means that students will be learning both in-person and remotely. We will also begin providing in-person learning opportunities for preschool and kindergarten students on Sept. 28.
Check In Your Students Now to Update Student and Family Information and Apply for Free and Reduced Lunch

Use the Online Student Check-In System to update your
student and family information, apply or re-apply for free and reduced lunch, and check them in for the 2020-21 school year!

Use el Sistema de Actualización de Datos en Línea para actualizar la Información de los estudiantes y la familia, aplicar para recibir alimentos gratuitos o a precio reducido y asegurar que su hijo esté listo para el año escolar 2020-21.

Please check with your child’s school for more information.

Welcome Back to School!

Students will be learning remotely from home through the first quarter, which ends on October 8. A decision about whether to begin in-person learning at that time will be made in the coming months taking into consideration health data on COVID-19 cases in our community. 

We anticipate that we will transition to in-person learning in some form during this school year. School and district staff continue to plan to ensure that this transition will be as smooth as possible for students, staff and families.

Grab-and-Go Meals Available at 47 Drive-through Locations!

If your student qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch (apply here if you haven’t yet!) then the meals are FREE! For all others, each meal is only $4.75!

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Weather Closures in APSIf our district closes schools or delays start times, announcements will be made:

  • on local television and radio stations
  • on the APS website
  • on Facebook and Twitter
  • on the APS Emergency Line (303-326-1080)
  • on the APS mobile app
  • and sent to parent/guardian phones

When inclement weather hits Aurora, APS Support Services staff work to determine how the weather will impact the school day.

How Weather Conditions are Assessed
APS staff members assess conditions beginning just after midnight to determine the impact on operations. Should we need to close schools or delay the start of the school day, the superintendent and staff will make the decision as early as possible. APS schools provide many vital resources for students and families. Whenever possible, we strive to keep schools open. 

Please know that even though adverse weather conditions may only affect some areas of the district, in the interest of safety, APS will generally close all of its schools.

Once a decision is made, information about the decision is shared as soon as possible with all media, posted on the APS website and mobile app, Facebook and Twitter, recorded on the APS Emergency Line at 303-326-1080, and sent to parent phones using our automated messaging system.

Please Note: If your child attends an APS charter school, please check in with your child's school on their status.

Delayed Start Times
Should APS staff make the decision to delay school, the school day would begin one hour later than normal. Staff members are expected to arrive at school as close to their regular start time as is safely possible as some students will arrive on time.

APS buses will pick up students one hour later than normal. Dismissal times at the end of the school day will remain the same. Afternoon preschool start times will also remain the same. Some class schedules may be affected by the delayed start. Please check with your school for any specific schedule changes.

For before-school care, please contact your care provider.

Please Note: If your child attends an APS charter school, please check in with your child's school on their status.

Our top priority is to keep students and staff as safe as possible.

Please note: A delayed start does not change regular dismissal times or pick-up times at the end of the school day.

Local Weather Information

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